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Two down

Adam Rice, another of Austin's best bloggers and a fellow center-city cyclist, has kindly linked to this blog with an endorsement.

So I've won two votes so far - only about 20,000 to go! Well, also, since my cousin, wife, and father-in-law said they liked my presentation at the LBJ school last week, I probably have their votes too. My mom would probably also have liked my presentation, so there you go.

Adam also came up with a great title - All Systems Whoa. If I wasn't running my quixotic campaign on a budget of exactly zero, I'd go buy the domain name allsystemswhoa.org to match the monorail guys at allsystemsno.org (not an endorsement by me - remember I support light rail, which runs in the street and would also be hated by these guys).

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I'm confused with how I should vote for the commuter rail question on the ballot.

I feel the Cedar Park rail plan is a poor idea. Folks in Cedar Park have automobiles, expect (some I've spoken with really enjoy) to commute, and, other than working in Austin, shop in the Cedar Park and Leander areas.

Just how many people are expected to use 60mph commuter rail from Cedar Park in the morning to a stop in Austin, and then travel on a bus to stop close to work (if there is one)? Few, and I am guessing. How many would undergo the same routine (backwards) travelling back home? I would guess very few. The automobile is much quickier and convenient. If a much faster system was proposed, then estimated usage may increase. I am guessing based on what I know from work colleagues who live in Cedar Park/Leander and, at the same time, I do not see any hard and objective estimated usage statistics.

On a related note, I've driven by the Capital Metro Leander bus --- I think I saw 3 or 4 people on board at the time.

At the same time, I truly support the use of rail within Austin. I voted for the previously proposed light rail plan. It made sense: stops at
high pedestrian areas, stops scattered among area businesses, and high usage likely by those currently travelling by bus. Those who shop within an area of stop, may likely use light rail. Consequently, there is a need, IMO, for rail, in Austin. Without a long-term plan, people may venture less to local businesses because of the inconvenience of congestion; getting around will be difficult.

I support rail in Austin for the same reasons I oppose commuter rail from Cedar Park to Austin: I support a method of transportation quick and convenient. Rail (light/mono/whatever) in Austin would be convenient to use and effecient, given proximity to shops/businesses with locales of potential riders; it would be easier than a car. Rail from Cedar Park, on the otherhand, would be inconvenient; a car is easier.

So, why should I vote for the Cedar Park rail plan? If this plan fails, Austin will have no opportunity for rail, in Austin, in the future? That's what I am hearing.

If true, and if I weigh the worthless use of rail to Cedar Park vs. rail in Austin, I choose rail in Austin. In other words, I am willing to vote for this Cedar Park plan so Austin has a future rail plan.

But, is it true that if the Cedar Park rail plan fails, Austin has no rail future?

Yes, I am confused.

Oops, I should have stated Leander rather than Cedar Park.

I'm supporting you, and trying to get the word out to our small constituency at activitystory.com.
Thanks for the great information. I hope you don't lose your appointment. Austin needs folks like you!