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A musical note

For the crackplreaders (need a better name!) who were buggin' me about the lack of updates, note this is the THIRD THIRD THIRD! POST POST POST! OF THE DAY DAY DAY!

Don't know why, but this guy/band really stuck in my head - I got one of their songs in the giant SXSW 2005 torrent and was impressed enough to go grab the other three free tunes off their site. My in-laws gave me a Waterloo gift certificate for Xmas, so I can buy some music for the first time since, uh, last Xmas, but I don't think I can this there. Oh well.

Check it out. If your brane is wired anything like mine, you'll like it.

Also check out that torrent. A ton of songs which various bands thought was their best chance at making it - so 99% of them are very good to excellent.

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