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The Bile And What To Write About

I obviously haven't written much lately - I've been getting progressively worse news about my arthritis (we've run off the end of where the infusion treatments should have worked, and they haven't - I'm not able to walk far at the present time either - much less ride my bike) so I've been spectacularly unmotivated to do much but occasionally snipe on the austin-bikes email list. It's hard to justify spending much effort crackplogging about bicycling, for instance, when it doesn't look good for me ever getting back on the bike.

Finally, I'm now far enough out of the loop that I don't know that I add much value even when crackplogging about Capital Metro, except in the obviously and purposefully annoying "I told you so" updates. But I still feel like I ought to be updating on their progress, since nobody else in the world ever talks about them other than Ben Wear, who vacillates between simply reinterpreting press releases and being a skeptic in the Skaggs mold.

My cow orker keeps reminding me how neglected the crackplog has become, so I'll try to at least do a monthly Cap Metro update. And the upcoming possible resurgence of the late unlameted all-ages helmet law (thanks to inaugural M1EK's Worst Person In Austin Winner Bruce Todd - subject of a future crackplog if I ever get motivated) should result in a few.

So this serves as notice that I'm alive, I guess. That's all.

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