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New links

Located blogs (mostly non-crackpot) of two friends from way back, Laurie and Bernie Thompson from Seattle. Co-oped with both in college; might have gone to a class or three with Bernie; worked with them at IBM and later at S3. At various times, almost pursued both to Microsoft too, although I Was Not Stalking Them.

Bernie created a neat startup company a while back which actually got bought; and now appears to be taking another shot. Laurie's been published frequently in magazines since I last checked in, according to her blog.

Bernie, actually, is indirectly responsible for me starting up the crackplog. Way back in the day, he chatted with me for a while about Seattle's light rail proposal and had the idea that we should do a point/counterpoint blog on it (with iconography of the two of us with skinny little bodies and big giant heads). That never happened; but it gave me the idea to inflict my transportation crap on the rest of the world. So, it's His Fault.

(I've also updated the link to Kim and Anthony's blog to reflect their move from Taiwan to Beijing).

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