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Comment problem finally figured out / fixed?

Several people reported a problem making comments - my "comments pending" template led them to believe comments were being held for moderation, but really they were completely vanishing - I never saw them. It finally hit me (I'm on the road in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and was trying to respond to a comment) and I finally figured it out after some help from Mr. Google - it appears to have been due to interaction with an old MT plugin which attempted to deflect comment spam by some javascript typing-detection stuff. Not necessary with the new MT antispam stuff, I think, so I've turned it off. Those who had problems before are invited to retry, please.

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If you wrote your site in EMACS this wouldn't be a problem.

EMACS, yeah. Right on.

As if I know what that means.

I've tried to comment before and it never worked. I'm pretty sure.

At least now I'll know that it's my problem if it doesn't work.

You don't want to know. (It's nerd joke stuff for M1EK and I)

DSK: Emacs is stinky. Now that I'm in the dry clean air of Iron Mountain, Michigan; this has become even more crystal-clear. I think your vision has been compromised by the smoggy haze of Allandale.

Jamie: Had no idea you were also hit by this. My apologies! As far as I knew it was only a couple of people, and I was slow to credit it because they were a bit unclear on what exactly was happening.

M1EK: You are confusing the odor of Stallman himself with the software. =P

what the bageebees is EMACS?