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Picture dump

Finally got some more processed: February and March 2006. I actually just processed April but ran out of disk space on my ISP, which is yet another reason to get my ass in gear and finally get rehosted....

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Thanks for posting photos reminding me of how violently ferocious your dog is, you insensitive clod!

ferocious he is, just like the spamtrap. For some reason it marked yours as +1 for (link previously seen) and +1 for (email previously seen) and then -1 for something it didn't tell me aboot. Argh. Need to just bite the bullet and support registration, I guess.

M1EK, my offer still stands to host you for free. You'd have pretty much unlimited space and bandwidth.

I liked pictures 47-50 in the February series so that I could be reminded of that scarry Wammo! CD. (posted by JJF)

Jim^H^H^HDRABA! We just saw Wammo at Austin Rock 'N' Romp AND he has TWO TWO TWO new chilluns songs! One, entitled, "Boogers", and the other one "No".


You can find both Ethan and Justin in that series if you're sharp enough.