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Superman crashing weddings?

So I was at my cousin's wedding on Saturday down on Oltorf and as we pulled in, there was this guy in a full Superman costume waiting for the bus. (This could launch about a million jokes). According to rumor, this guy's been crashing events - he was supposedly praying in the church before we got there. I was completely embarassed as I had to tell out-of-town relatives that I had no idea about this dude, but hey, do you want to hear about Leslie? So much for my image as The Guy To Ask About Weird Austin Stuff.

So, my two readers, what gives with this new eccentric dude? I needs to know so I can rectify my ignorance.

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This is news to me. I wonder how long until "superman" discovers he's not invincible when someone gives him a black eye or two (but definitely not three).

Maybe he's an out-of-season drunk Santa?

Cf. http://stevehopson.com/SantaRampageAustin2005.htm