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Definition of 'disgrace'

My alma mater is playing a 1-AA team this weekend. I'll be rooting against them. There's never ever ever any excuse for a major 1-A program to schedule 1-AA. A road game (with no return) at Pitt would be better than this. In fact, pick any 1-A team in a part of the country we haven't been to in a while, and schedule a visit. The money's not worth the stain on our record, you retards. And this stuff about needing seven home games to support the other programs is a sham. We'd make more money in the long-run due to the recruiting benefit of playing an away game in one of the parts of the country we don't visit very often. And some year down the road, some other 1-A school would return the favor.

Or, the NCAA could grow a pair and just outlaw 1-A vs. 1-AA games. What's the point of having divisions, otherwise? Should the Astros get to play a real (non-exhibition) game against the Round Rock Express, too?

Simply, absolutely, pathetic.

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Even in years when they've been very good, Tech has pretty much always played a I-AA school. UT Chattanooga was often a favorite for this, although it was Samford this year.
To blow your mind further, UGA often plays Georgia Southern, which is, of course a Div II school. And Tech has played Div II Appalachian State within recent memory.
I think either of those two Div II schools are probably a bigger football challenge than some of the I-AA schools, though.

Not sure what this has to do with how Mike Krusee has railroaded Austin. Or is it hidden in a metaphor?

This posting doesn't appear in the Mike Krusee category. It's one of the approximately 3% that don't.

Get Joe to offer to play my alma mater (Rice) in Houston, with no return game. Probable win in Texas, a football hotbed. I'm sure we'd take it. And yes, we are a 1-A team, no need to make the obvious smart-@ss comment. ;)