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itunes 7 sucks

Do not upgrade from itunes 6 to itunes 7; not even itunes 7.0.1. The machine on which I'm composing this crackplog is used only for email, non-work web-browsing, and playing music; and itunes 7 skips terribly whenever I load a new page in firefox - and this is not an underpowered machine. The 7.0.1 update actually made it worse!.

This is what I get for being a slave to apple's music library management stuff. Sigh.

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This one should go through.

Even iTunes 6 sucks. I can't stand how it cannot manage multiple directories or multiple naming conventions. It is always wanting to rename or import or remove things. Gah! Just play and list my music where it is!

Another reason to avoid Apple and iTunes purchased music is the Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme. Crippled purchases. Crippled playback. I hate it.

Dan, (Which Dan is this?):

I actually like the organization stuff itunes does - and the interface to the kinds of playlists I want (basically, the "rating higher than X, I haven't heard since Y; higher rated more often" kind of list) is by far the best (winamp could sort-of do it but the interface is awkward).

I just wish it would play without skipping. Those boneheads.