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Wal-Mart at Northcross: Relevant pictures

From SGML2, a pictorial tour of the environs. Go check out for the full set; he's got a lot more than this one.

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I love his pic of a "duplex" with low property taxes. A less-well-designed duplex just went in across from a house I rented for a few years and they sold each unit for 540,000. It was a piece of sh** compared to the photo essay example you're linking to. It's laughable that he thinks the property tax on the modernist duplex, which again exhibits a proper distance from the street and neighboring structures, is less than 5 grand. Each unit in that duplex would pull down high taxes, and neither is likely a rental for anyone. Finally, nobody would ever confuse it or its respectable lot size for what is being discussed in debates about big out-of-place stucco sh**-boxes intruding in pleasant neighborhoods, covering entire lots and dwarfing the neighbors they're flipping off.

That thing he's showing off as affordable housing is probably going to be on the cover of some overpriced magazine at Whole Foods next week.

And the rest of the essay is a diversion too. The monstrosities he shows are individual homes with reasonably appropriate property for their size. To me, a mc-whatever is something built to the curb and fenceline, overwhelming existing neighbors' properties. His pics look like suburban development anywhere in the country where land is cheap enough to allow it. Note that there is no existing home that is made to resemble a garden shack next door to any of the pictured homes.

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