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Neil Abercrombie: Hero

When asked about Tony Snow's offhand dismissal of the resolution being pushed in Congress to prevent the Worst President Ever from taking us to war against Iran on false pretenses, he replied:

"I haven't talked to the ASPCA today," [...] "I don't know what's going on with the lapdogs."

I wish I lived in Hawaii so I could vote for this guy. Well, I wish I lived in Hawaii anyways, but still.

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Warren Harding tried to invade Iran?

If, 100 years from now, W is a source for as much levity as Ole Fatty, I'll put Ole Fatty back at the top of the list.

(Most people pick Buchanan).

Buchanan == undermatched for crisis, but not a complete doormat or corrupt
Harding == undermatched for crisis, a complete doormat for his corrupt friends, purposely cruised away to Alaska to avoid it all and die

Thus endeth my very detailed and professional historical comparison.

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