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Weird music thought on birthday #35

I was a big fish in my little tiny pond of high school music. First guy to win the "best musician" and "best jazz musician" award. All-county. All-state. Then I played in the marching band at Penn State. Nothing, since.


Not just one, but two of the dudes that I was in band with in high school are playing SXSW this year.

Dan Bonebrake was a good friend and trumpet player, like me, and has been playing bass ever since, although I've been too much of a loser to drag myself out when he comes through town. He even toured with Chris Carabba, aka Dashboard Confessional, and is now backing up John Ralston for SXSW.

Glenn Barovich was a year ahead of me trombone player - we had soloes in the same song one year in marching band; and he's got a band or two locally (have not seen them either). SXSW performance in Baby Robots

Meanwhile, I ain't done shit. A couple of times playing the beat-up trumpet and singing with a couple other dads last year, and that's it. And that probably isn't happening again either.

I'm pretty sure 35 is too old to pick up a more performing-in-a-club-suitable instrument. Dammit.

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Well, happy birthday!

I was 35 when I took up firedancing—don't give up so easily. Perhaps you could pick up the musical axe-grinder.

Thanks, David; swear I wasn't fishing for it. Adam, do you have any suggestions on firedancing for arthritics? (Maybe the heat would help!)

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