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Saturday's Fun Bus Report

I ought to make a habit of this until the "THE BUSES ARE ALL EMPTY!!!!!1" people give it up. But this one doesn't help much. Of course, this is a Saturday during Spring Break.

Drove with my wife and Ethan to her haircut place; then he and I walked under the 38th/Shoal Creek bridge; down into Seiders' Springs Park, back up to Jefferson, crossed back to eastbound, and then waited 5 more minutes for the #22 bus which Justin sometimes takes home from school (to our house or his dad's office at UT).

The #21/#22 are a good route to see a lot of neat parts of Central Austin. It's a good route to go buy a day pass on and just wander around on a weekend. As before, + indicates people getting on; - indicates people getting off; and number in parentheses is total passengers after that.

Got on at 35th/Jefferson. We were the only 2 riders.

35th/(some street near Mopac): +1 (3)

Howson Library (just north of Windsor on Exposition): -us (1)

Enjoyed library for 30 minutes or so; then went out and got on the next #22. Nobody on this one either.

Howson: +us (2)

5th near Pok-e-Jo's: +1 (3)

5th near Baylor: +1 (4)

5th near Bowie: +1 (5)

5th at Republic Square: -us (3)

An unplanned exit as I saw the Farmers' Market and thought we'd check it out. We walked around for a bit; saw a nice dog or two; saw a band full of like 20 banjo players; and then walked past a St. Pat's Day concert on 4th outside Fado's. Walked to Congress, at which point we can pick up the #1, #5, or #7 to get home.

#7 arrives 5 minutes later. Has roughly 10 people on it (from the part where it runs as the #27 in all likelihood).

4th/Congress: +us (12)

6th/Congress: -5 (7)

8th/Congress: -2 (5)

Saw the Code Pink march getting set up at the Capitol. Nobody got on or off until we hit our stop.

34th/Duval: -us (3)

A good trip. I'm trying to inclulcate the freedom of public transportation into Ethan at a young age. Plus, like me, he likes just looking at stuff - like buildings under construction, etc.

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I take the 3,10,15,and #1 buses frequently. Even the least-used among these, the 15 (my neighborhood bus) has all seats filled during many morning and afternoon periods, and the others are standing-room only during rush hour times every single day...


Thanks for the report. My comments about "EMPTY BUSES!!!1" are sarcasm as I see them full all the time, too. The problem stems from the fact that the suburbanites making the comments only ever see them at the very end of their route - where they are empty or near-empty by design. If a bus, in other words, had 20 people on it at its "last stop", we'd logically say "maybe that bus should be extended further out".

See this post for starters:


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