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This is what is SUPPOSED to happen

From the Centre Daily Times in relation to the fight the homers are trying to pretend didn't mean anything

Sloane said prosecutors had no evidence that King's entry into the West College Avenue apartment was malicious and no evidence that he hurt anyone or damaged anything.

"As a matter of fact, we have evidence to the contrary," Sloane said.

He said King was seen trying to pull people out of the apartment. After the melee ended, Sloane said, King stayed at the scene and tried to apologize to the apartment residents.

A lot of homer idiots keep bringing up the Rashard Casey affair to prove that we shouldn't expect Paterno or the administration to impose any sports-related sanctions on the posse that broke in and beat down. After all, they say, Casey was proven innocent of criminal charges. I draw a very different conclusion here: Casey stood by while his friend beat an off-duty cop into the hospital. He did nothing to stop him; he didn't leave; he just didn't throw any of the punches.

Justin King did what he was supposed to do. This is what Rashard Casey didn't do when his friend beat the living daylights out of an off-duty cop. Promote this kid to captain, pronto.

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OK, I give up and shall reveal my cluelessness: where does the term "homer" come from here.

I am accustomed to said term referring to a home run.

From Wikipedia [1], a homer is someone "who roots exclusively or disproportionately for athletic teams from one's home town or area".

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homer_(disambiguation)

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