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Ben Wear is now blogging

Short Cuts is Ben Wear's new blog at the Statesman. I'm trying to present the progressive and/or educated viewpoint in comments, but there's also a fairly high population of car-only Neanderthals. And Sal Costello, which is, of course, worse. Please go on by and check it out.

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many thanks...

Remember, some of us aren't car-only by choice. I rode Cap Metro for about two years, until they decided recently that the route I use would be drop-off only south of Lady Bird Lake in the afternoons (which means I can no longer board the bus). When I called Cap Metro to ask why this change was made (and it was not announced on their web page like every other route change they've made), the helpful suggestion I got was, "Why don't you ride another route back up to downtown, and then catch your route?" Oh, I don't know, maybe because I don't feel like wasting yet another hour just to get home!

Agreed - I'm still sitting on a future post about transit taxonomy where I talk about transit-dependent by choice or by necessity, vs. car-only by choice or by necessity.

I'll look forward to reading Ben's blog. I can't get enough articles about toll roads that barely move the story forward. I also really enjoy reading about the latest traffic light to pop up around town. :eyeroll:

I'd say there's a gray area too, between choice and necessity. I could reclaim a good hour and a half of my life each day by getting a second car, and with two little kids that would make a huge difference in quality of life for us. But we really can't afford it right now. We could get a car if my job depended on it, but it wouldn't be financially responsible...

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