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Real Americans should read this and call for impeachment

Of course, those of us who were educated enough knew this all along but many right-wingers who knew better still played along because he was on Their Team.

To me, the unforgiveable sin for a president is lying us into an unnecessary war. That's why I hope someday Bush gets to sit around the campfire and smoke the proverbial turd in hell with LBJ. That's also, by the way, why I couldn't vote for Hillary over Obama no matter how much more qualified she supposedly is. She voted for this war; and either was too dumb to know it was based on lies or knew so, and voted for it anyways, prioritizing her own political fortunes over the lives of our servicemen (at the time, people thought they had to go along due to Bush's popularity, hard as it is to believe now).

Meanwhile, the guys who actually supplied almost all the manpower, financial, and ideological support for the actual al Qaeda attack on us have gotten off scot-free. Not only that; they're getting obscenely rich off $110 oil, plowing that money right back into funding the same extremist Islamist crap that managed to build up al Qaeda in the first place.

Good work, Republicans. It's going to take a lot to get me to ever consider voting for you again (yes, readers, I have punched my share of "R" circles in the past). I can take an awful lot of stupid socialist-inspired economic policy if it means we don't spend trillions blowing our kids up for nothing.

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But what is the impeachable offense? I don't see anything that rises to that, and certainly not by post-Clinton criminal standards. This is not to excuse those portions of the administration's case where the dangers were recklessly exagerated.
But at the end of the day, Congress has the responsibility to vote on war or "use of force" resolutions, and I don't think that pushing certain policies, whether you agree with them or not, should open a president to impeachment.
For instance, take Polk: I would say that the information in Polk's request for a war declaration was more exagerated than anything out of the Bush administration, and that war was far less just than the Iraq war. But I do not think anything Polk did was an impeachable offense.
Policy mistakes should be rectified at the ballot box. Impeaching the President is misguided and lets us all off the hook.

I'm sure we could drum up something along the lines of lying to Congress. Works for steroid trials. Granted, they weren't under oath, but one could assume the oath to defend the Constitution might do in a pinch...

By the way, the reason this is important now is that even in 2008, these lying traitors are trying to push the facts under the rug. Still. Just so Cheney can go talk al Qaeda and Iraq to the red-meat brigade some more.

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