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Working on brevity

From a comment I just made to this poll on News 8:

This isn't light rail. Light rail would have worked (projected 43,000 riders per day) since it would have gone directly to UT, the capitol, and the part of downtown where people actually work.

This commuter rail line, on the other hand, requires that people who won't ride the bus today will suddenly fall in love with buses when you stick the word "shuttle" in front of them.

Pretty short. Does it hit the important notes? I did leave out the ridership estimate of 1000-1500 for the new service (2000 maximum capacity).


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I like the guy who is complaining that he wants high speed buses from South Austin into downtown with limited stops.

Methinks that CapMetro should spend some money telling people what they've already got.

Hey miek,

It's been a few days now, and I think you owe it to your readers that light rail's nemesis has run into a bit of a bind:


I guess he should have taken public transportation.

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