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Seriously, cut it out

Whichever one of you has the friggin' M1EK voodoo doll, STOP IT. Just got a knock on the door to ask me if I wanted to move a car; I head out and find out that despite earlier materials to the contrary, the city is indeed digging up my yard, sidewalk, and swale to put in a new sewer connection. Of course, since the last stuff I got said they weren't going to be doing this for our house, I didn't dig up and pot the plants on the corner of the driveway. The ones that just got dug up for me. Probably all dead after this despite my attempts to rescue them from various piles - even including the Pride of Barbados I had to nurture for the last 4 years through a couple of hard freezes that nearly killed it. Said plant, while still in the ground, is probably a goner with how close it is to the cut.


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I really envision this to be less like a voodoo doll and more like the console Ming the Merciless had in the 70s-era Flash Gordon movie. Buttons saying "HAIL" "TORN TENDON" "SEWER LINE TRENCH" etc.

I suggest launching yourself and several unwitting bystandards on a rocket into space to find the source. I saw a rocket sitting unused yesterday.

I prefer the aircraft linked to the military-industrial-complex site I most recently visited. I actually spent a few minutes yesterday reading about MODERN Zeppelins, and I'm pretty much sold on them replacing airlines at this point. Wooo!

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