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What really happened

Think the media was just helpless - that they did their job the best they could? Think that everybody believed Saddam had WMD?

You're wrong.

One media outlet did their homework. Don't let the apologists tell you nobody knew better.

Even a few of our senators exercised their constitutional responsibilities at the time. Like my old governor, then senator, Bob Graham, who, despite being weird, was consistently right on this issue from day one - and the media never has any time for him on it. Like Barack Obama, who was right from day one, and right for the right reasons (not like the Kucinich idiots who wouldn't have even attacked Afghanistan).

It was possible to avoid this stain on our national honor. Some (Clinton, McCain) should not be allowed to get away with abrogating their responsibilities back when it could have made some difference.

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Hey, look - an issue on which we are largely in agreement. And not a single pig flying outside my window.

If only I weren't supporting Laura, we'd practically be two peas in a pod.

Just so I have this straight Hope:
Politicians lying to Congress not ok.

You lying to neighbors, blowing taxpayer and neighbor money, and then colluding in illegal campaigning: that's ok?

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