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Capital Metro is blogging

They've just started up an effort called Capital MetroBlog. Expect to see me there from time to time -we'll see how transparent they intend to be if/when they start talking about commuter rail.

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Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if comment moderation started about a week before commuter rail did.

BTW, the Austin Business Journal (austin.bizjournals.com) is having an online poll this week regarding the success of the commuter rail. Apparently you and I are in the minority...

Stay tuned for an update to the Leander use case. Unlike my own awful commute, $4 gas may make enough of a difference to get 2000 riders per day rather than the 1500 they originally projected.

$4/gallon gas sure seems to strengthen the case for a Manor/Elgin commuter line, too.

Same kind of story - but again it'll also make the bus more compelling for those folks (although Manor/Elgin don't have as good a bus option).

The biggest fallacy though is that most people can suddenly ride the bus and save a lot of money - it's a LITTLE money. If you're lucky and have a very good bus option, it's only a little time to save a little money; but if you're like me, you have to spend an extra 2 hours a day to save a buck.

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