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In print again

Good Life magazine interviewed me (one of several) for a big piece on development and transportation, and we got a nice picture on Loop 360 last month. Now, it's finally out, and they mispelled my last name. Every single time. Argh. The content was well-done, though; one of the better representations of an interview I've had (except for the part about the new office being too far to bike; I'm not biking any more due to health reasons; this is actually a wonderful bike commute).

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Well, you're becoming the urbanist go-to guy. Were you able to get the podcast of your radio segment? (You know, I can't listen to those guys for more than 5 minutes.)

I subscribed to the KLBJ morning show podcast - and guess which is the only day they missed in the last 2 weeks?

Finally, photodocumentary proof that you are not a Tahoe-haver!

Great article! I'm going to bookmark it and spread it around as needed. :)

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