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Dear Entire Talk Radio And Internet, Part Deux


No, Ole Miss isn't magically superpowered because they happen to be in the SEC. Here's where Florida stacks up against Penn State so far this year:

Rank (Sagarin PREDICTOR)TeamResult
14GeorgiaFlorida 49, Georgia 10 (Neutral Site)
15Ohio StatePenn State 13, @Ohio State 6

Looks pretty good so far, right? Not so fast. The next entries for Florida:

23LSU@Florida 51, LSU 21
30Ole MissOle Miss 31, @Florida 30

Huh. One thing sure seems to jump out at you, doesn't it? But surely this doesn't show anything, right? Penn State hasn't played anybody that good at home, right? Let's expand that section of the table:

19Oregon State@Penn State 45, Oregon State 14
23LSU@Florida 51, LSU 21
27Illinois@Penn State 38, Illinois 24
30Ole MissOle Miss 31, @Florida 30
39WisconsinPenn State 48, @Wisconsin 7
52TennesseeFlorida 30, @Tennessee 6

Well, I'm sure we'll figure out some new reason why Florida deserves it more. Keep on trucking, internet warriors!

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The real reason is not magic SEC bonus points. It's magic "Florida won the championship a few years ago" bonus points.

Don't bash Ole Miss. We're the best 5-4 team in the country. ;)

Although I'm an SEC fan and Big 10 skeptic, I think Penn State deserves to be in the championship game if it goes undefeated. If it plays Florida or Alabama in the BCS title game, though, I think it will lose.

30 in Sagarin is "good" bordering on "very good". The point was that people are making the magical SEC fairydust argument to explain how Florida lost to #30 at home but somehow claiming that the only reason PSU survived is they haven't played teams as tough. Which, of course, is bunk.

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