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2047 words about the commuter rail station downtown

The first of a series of images I created on the plane to JFK on Sunday night:

Red dots are 10+ story office buildings, obtained from skyscraperpage. Click for larger image.

And a nice image from DSK showing the true 1/4 mile walk. Click for larger image.

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Hmmm... the interesting thing to me though is that there are a large number of jobs in that area. But most are in the service sector. Could commutor rail make it easier for service sector employees to get cheap apartments in Cedar Park?

Of course, the answer is that the train runs on a schedule that would work for only a very small section of the service sector. But it's something capmetro should consider. I'm sure there are a lot of bartenders who wouldn't mind a ride home at 2:30am without dealing with a bunch of drunks. Actually there are probably a bunch of drunks who wouldn't mind a train ride home to cedar park at 2:30am.

I guess I'm getting back to a light rail style schedule here though...

The service employees already take the bus or carpool in large numbers (you can see this if you go by the Hilton really early in the morning).

Nice maps.

Meh, I'm still excited for purely selfish reasons. I live a couple miles from the Leander station. As soon as they're wise enough to start night trains - say, once an hour through midnight - then I've got a nice way to get to Sixth Street. No parking or drunk-driving to worry about.



Could just as easily have a couple trips added on the back-end (more easily than the train can - there's freight traffic in the way that they promised they won't screw with anytime soon).

I don't know your email address so thought I would drop a comment. Do you know anything about getting light rail on the ballot this May?


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