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Red Line: Taxes versus benefits

The first in a new series by M1EK, inspired by various internet fun and maybe Dmitri Martin, except not so much funny as it is sad.

Cedar Park and Round Rock pay 0 to Capital Metro. "Other" includes some portions of unincorporated Travis County and a few small jurisdictions like Jonestown. 93% of CM's budget supposedly comes from the city of Austin (you lately more typically hear "over 90%").

The "Austin" stations lack parking except for the McNeil station, which actually is more likely to serve residents of Round Rock and unincorporated areas in that vicinity, and the Northwest P&R, which is more likely to serve residents of Cedar Park and unincorporated areas in that vicinity. The benefit, if any, of the Red Line increases the further out you go (as modest travel savings compared to the express bus begin to make a dent in the penalty you pay by having to transfer to a shuttle bus at the destination point).

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Even "better": a mere 1000 or so Cedar Parkians will be the ones reaping all those benefits.

Did you make these pie charts?

How did you calculate "benefit"?

Chris, in case it wasn't clear, I myself made the charts, and my metrics are vague, but explained a little bit after each chart.

Inspired, sort of, by things like this: http://able2know.org/topic/122776-1

I think the best way to get benefit for Austinites is to build the bike/walking trails along the sides of the tracks.

You could easily bike to/from the hike and bike trail, and then shoot up to various parks, the manor theatre district, Mueller, Hancock HEB, Highland Mall (or whatever it becomes), and even the Domain.

Tim, the portions of the line inside Austin are exactly the parts where there will be no trail (no room). Except for the far reaches, of course.

(There will be no H&B trail anywhere near Hancock, or Highland, or Mueller, and likely not even the Domain, in other words. But if you want to ride your bike near the train out by Leander, man, have I got good news for you!)

I explored the MLK station area the other day, and it was impressive how absolutely vacant the area is of anything people would want to go to, and the only destination from there is downtown. It was a very depressing experience. I don't understand what the people buying houses at Chestnut Commons are thinking.

Mike, I have a great story for you. I went to the Crestview Station open house on Saturday. In front of me in line was a guy who asked the woman explaining the fare system the following question:

"I take the express bus in from Leander currently. It drops me off a block from my office. What bus will I need to take to get to my office now?"

The woman was completely unable to effectively explain the shuttle system, the fact that the shuttle system was different from normal bus routes, or the normal bus routes. She had clearly either not been trained, been poorly trained, or trained to cover up the idea that you need a transfer. It was really striking.

I don't think the guy was a plant; I think he was a genuine guy who wanted to use the train and was surprised it didn't actually take him to his office.

To natrius: I used to live sort of near the MLK station, on Manor. There are things you want to go to on Manor... but it is too long of a walk, to be honest. And... people are actually buying houses at Chestnut Commons?

I would rent at Crestview Station but it's probably going to be too expensive for me. Not that I would actually take the train anywhere though. I'd take the 1.

I am seriously wondering how long it will take everyone to realize that Mike has been right all along. So many are being duped by this "light rail" bullshit PR.

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