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Do people know they're going to have to ride shuttlebuses?

Commenter "breathesgelatin" pointed out 2 posts ago:

Mike, I have a great story for you. I went to the Crestview Station open house on Saturday. In front of me in line was a guy who asked the woman explaining the fare system the following question:

"I take the express bus in from Leander currently. It drops me off a block from my office. What bus will I need to take to get to my office now?"

The woman was completely unable to effectively explain the shuttle system, the fact that the shuttle system was different from normal bus routes, or the normal bus routes. She had clearly either not been trained, been poorly trained, or trained to cover up the idea that you need a transfer. It was really striking.

I don't think the guy was a plant; I think he was a genuine guy who wanted to use the train and was surprised it didn't actually take him to his office.

To natrius: I used to live sort of near the MLK station, on Manor. There are things you want to go to on Manor... but it is too long of a walk, to be honest. And... people are actually buying houses at Chestnut Commons?

I would rent at Crestview Station but it's probably going to be too expensive for me. Not that I would actually take the train anywhere though. I'd take the 1.

I am seriously wondering how long it will take everyone to realize that Mike has been right all along. So many are being duped by this "light rail" bullshit PR.

It's been my experience on the Capital MetroBlog that most commenters labor willfully or mistakenly under the misapprehension that they're going to walk to work from the train station. What have you all noticed with your peers, if any of them even talk about it?

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Interesting. My single case to use to make sweeping assumptions about the behavior of North Austin commuters was a youngish couple, anxiously poring over the connector line map trying to determine the optimal transfer route to get them to their office.

I did, however, overhear quite a bit of grumbling over the cost. It's a shame that there is not more price discrimination by distance to downtown. People commuting from Crestview--me among them--may not derive any savings over car, given the shortness of their commute.

Dittoing what The Error Term said, tons of people pouring over the connector line map. It was very confusing on the whole. I felt like people were really excited but didn't know what the heck they were actually excited about, and then it was all "Bwah? Connector shuttles?"

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