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Sophia Frances Dahmus

May 10, 2009

Due to escalating pre-eclampsia, Jeanne was delivered at 9:42 this morning (was originally going to be around midnight). Sophie joins the world today at 35.5 weeks, 5 pounds 3 ounces, 41 centimeters (16 inches). She is now up in the neo-natal intensive-care unit to get a firm diagnosis about an intestinal tract problem observed previously via ultrasound which will almost definitely require surgery (and thus a stay here of a few weeks). Jeanne is recovering now; Mike got to visit Sophie in NICU for about 30 minutes before lunch with Aunt Karen and is going to visit again this afternoon. Other than the intestinal problem, whatever it is, everything is fine with Sophie. She is otherwise healthy and strong (and as Mike likes to describe all babies, "red wrinkly and pissed"). Jeanne thinks that she has Mike's smile.

Mike has lots of pictures on the camera but forgot the mini USB cable, so they'll have to wait.

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congratulations, Mike! Though I didn't realize you had a smile. :)

Congratulations! Glad to hear the little girl is going to be okay and her Mommy too. What a beautiful name. My grandmother's name was Frances so I have a special fondness for it.

Congrats, Mike! I wish you, Jeanne and Sophia the best.

Don't worry about bashing Cap Metro for a while. I'll try to pick up the slack; maybe TOW can help. ;)

Many congratulations, Mike!


Congrats!!! Pretty name.

Congrats Mike

Felicidades, Sr. Dahmus! Best wishes to you and your family. I hope you all get home soon.

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