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CM being flexible with the truth again

Short post from the hospital while my wife naps.

In this thread, I just made the comment below, saved here for posterity in case it doesn't make it.

Fundamentally, quite a lot of the things that are supposedly being worked on now would have had to have been completed for an earlier launch, and obviously weren't. This calls into question the truthfulness of the agency on everything else, of course.

Brushing this off as "well, we held off on operator training because we'd have to do it all over again" is nonsense. You supposedly decided to stop the rollout very shortly before the actual date - so some of that training, for instance, would have had to be underway by that point were you telling the truth.

It should be obvious to anybody who isn't completely credulous that quite a lot of the things Capital Metro is working on now would have delayed the rollout of the line or been PR disasters (imagine cops having to direct traffic at all the road crossings for months, for instance), and that Veolia basically saved their asses by making those mistakes.

Lee Nichols at the Chronicle ought to be paying attention: if they're willing to pull such obvious BS on this stuff, why on earth are you trusting them on their financials?

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I was going to comment on that Lee Nichols blog post that you mentioned. He sure seems to have rose-tinted glasses on when it comes to CapMetro.

It was obvious to me that they were incompetent and something was wrong from their volunteer organization efforts alone. I was curious and semi-employed at the time of the Crestview Station open house and put my name and number down to be a line ambassador. They called me a few weeks later and it was obviously too late for me to undergo training in time for their supposed rollout. I told them my work circumstances had changed and could no longer do it. They called me back AGAIN to try to get me to volunteer after that. I could tell that things were completely disorganized from that alone.

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