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Jeff Jack and the Austin Neighborhoods Council kill "Unplugged at the Grove"

for now at least. Now they get to fight through the variance process; as we all know, that's just a piece of cake, right?

From austin360:

For the first time in its 16-year existence, KGSR’s “Unplugged at the Grove” series at Shady Grove was shut down Thursday night after a noise complaint from a neighbor. Shady Grove owner Mike Young said the restaurant is in the process of applying for a variance that will allow a ceiling of 85 decibels. According to the current noise code, Shady Grove is classified as a restaurant that must comply at 75 decibels.

More at the link.

Remember, it's not condo-dwellers; and it's not people from California who did this. It's a bunch of single-family homeowners from Bouldin and Zilker, led by Jeff Jack, who have been complaining for more than a decade about supposed 'night clubs' on Barton Springs who got this ordinance passed through their tool Laura Morrison.


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The very same people who bemoan all of the scary change coming to Austin are the neighborhood groups shutting down live music at Freddie's and Shady Grove. I guess when high density downtown development threatens old music venues, it's a California-born tragedy. But when wealthy urban neighborhood groups do it, it's protecting the sanctity of the city.

I think they might have met their match here, though. It's one thing to take on a brand new restaurant (Freddies) where people go mainly for the food. But it's another to take on a 16 years Austin institution where people mainly go for the music.

Great move for getting the citizens of Austin mobilized against the noise ordinance, though.

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