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Connecting some dots

1. Austin Neighborhoods Concil minutes, 10/22/2008:

Live Music Task Force – Saundra Kirk, draft recommendations to be discussed in a public forum on Wednesday, October 29, 7:30-9:30 pm, City Council Chambers. Report will be finalized at the task force's final meeting on November 10, presented to City Council November 20. Saundra Kirk and Scott Trainer noted that the sound control recommendations are inadequate. Jeff Jack moved and motion was seconded Motion 1 "Authorize the ANC executive committee to draft a letter of concern to the task force and City Council regarding the task force sound control recommendations." The motion passed without opposition. The task force's draft report is available on the City of Austin Web site under "Live Music Task Force."

2. Austin Neighborhoods Council minutes, 6/27/2007

Noise Solutions Committee Update (Scott Trainer) City formed a committee to identify improvements to enforcement that could be made under the current ordinance. 1. APD is retraining police and increasing the number of meters from 2 to 23. 2. The committee is focusing on the effect of outdoor music on residents and educating the city's Music Commission on the need for mitigation. 3. Fire Department is assisting in crowd control, and PACE (includes AFD, APD, TABC, code enforcement) is coordinating permitting and enforcement through Municipal Court. APD will be contacting NAs and giving presentations on changes

3. Past list of ANC presidents, excerpted:

Past ANC Presidents

2008 Danette Chimenti
South River City Citizens

2006 - 2007 Laura Morrison

2004-2005 Susan Pascoe

2003 Bryan King
South Lamar NA

2001 - 2002 Jim Walker
Cherrywood NA

1999 - 2000 Will Boseman

1997 - 1998 Jeff Jack
Zilker NA

4. From yesterday's entry, courtesy of Gary Etie: (and updated per his update):

In this video, City Council member Laura Morrison, who was instrumental in passing the Amendment that was specifically used against Shady Grove, points out that the problem was that "Shady Grove's Permit had expired". What Ms Morrison fails to point out is that the March 23rd expiration date was part of (see correction and update in latest post) problems that are now coming around are related to the specific details contained in Amendments that she ramrodded through on March 12th 2009, on the consent agenda (!), as an Emergency item (!), right before SxSW, when anyone involved in the music business was going to be too busy to rally opposition. I don't think the problem is going to go away, until Ms. Morrison either gets it, and stops carrying the ball for the voter block she wants to retain, or is removed from the process, through recall.. I think Ms. Morrison is that good, at manipulation of the planning process, and it's that serious, in determining the future of music, in Austin.

5. From the day before:

Jeff Jack, President of Zilker Neighborhood Association and member of Austin Neighborhood Council discussed some of the local clubs in his neighborhood. He supports a balance between music and livability. The City’s current sound ordinance is ineffective, especially with a growing downtown, making entertainment districts important. Also, defined hours of operation are essential and should be limited near residential areas. Venue owners need to agree to restrictive covenants. At 85 DB, the loudness of sound is detrimental to hearing. Austin Bergstrom Airport can not have residences within a certain distance because of associated noise. Enforcement is an issue, sometimes police do not respond to a complaint in a timely manner or after the police have left, the music is cranked back up. It would be ideal if music people served as their own monitors. He would like the Live Music Task Force to develop new rules and take into consideration tougher penalties and a special zoning classification for music.
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"Austin Bergstrom Airport can not have residences within a certain distance because of associated noise"

Hey there's a solution. Obviously the problem is not Shady Grove, but the houses built too close to it. :D

Okay, fun's over - how do we recall Laura Morrison?

Want to connect some more dots?

While I agree that downtown condo owners are not the problem, the condo DEVELOPERS are part of the problem! Condo developers feel better about their investment knowing that they also have the older quiet demographic as potential buyers. Scott Trainer actually is developing 24 condo units within site of Freddie's Place, so he has a personal benefit from tough noise ordinances being passed. He worked very hard to keep his daily buisness quiet, but blew his cover with the 911 call.

Turns out Scott Trainer has over $5 Million worth of commercial properties in the neighborhood he wants to stop music in! He is the landlord of Olivia Restaurant, the South Lamar Business Park, and is developing 24 condos on S. 1st (the Elizabeth project) within sight of Freddie's Place (where the music has already died thanks to the Noise Ordinance).

Scott Trainer is the owner of an LLC that owns the $4 million South Lamar Business Park at 1700 S. Lamar.

Scott Trainer spent 2005 to 2008 rezoning and developing into the property at 2043 S. Lamar that he leases to the restaurant Olivia.

Scott Trainer is the owner of the land at 2417 S. 1st where he is currently developing a 24 condo project called "Elizabeth".

If you have access to search public records, you will find him the member (owner) of the following LLCs that own the above properties: JSTRAIN LLC, FIRST BOULDIN CREEK LOFTS LTD, JTTJ BOULDIN CREEK LLC, and COLLIER PROPERTIES LLC which all have his home address listed at contact point.

Scott Trainer's neighbor, David Johnston was seen on this KXAN video saying that he also has been complaining about music for over 5 years.

CAD search shows David Johnston owns 18 properties (rentals) in the neighborhood worth $6.5 million dollars. So David wants things quiet for his rental property business!

hey can you shoot me a private message? I had some more "connect the dots" info on Scott Trainer, but the system thinks I'm spamming you.

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