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Yes, you haven't seen a crackplog in a long time. I did warn you, and since she came home almost a month ago, I have spent several fun overnights in the ER, and am barely sleeping (hint: preemie baby recovering from intestinal surgery is like normal newborn TO THE MAX!).

Today's Chronicle finally covers the live music issue, with a quote or two from your truly, thanks to Wells Dunbar. I think it lets Morrison off a little too easy - but is overall a good read. For another pointer, my pals at the Austinist gave me a nice "he told you so" shout-out.

For crackplog-lite, please check the twitter. I promise the crackploggin' will resume; but right now I'm just trying to get enough time to work.

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If you or your wife need any info/support, call Kelli at Texas Parent to Parent (txp2p.org). She's the person heading up the new TXP2P parent support program for families of preemies.

I don't pray, but I am hoping your daughter is doing well (and that you get some sleep soon).

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