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1. Like AC, I'm adding the new blog Keep Austin Wonky to my list. Welcome.

2. This article from AC is actually making me nauseous as I contemplate the damage that will be done to our city in the next few years. I will be writing more on this in a couple of days, but in the meantime, those of you at the Burnt Orange Report and Austin Chronicle who endorsed Morrison ought to be kicking yourselves in the ass. (Or let me do it for you). This is exactly what I and a few others predicted she would do, after all; she was never a candidate of balance as y'all convinced yourself she had become despite her history - she was always a NIMBY reactionary and had never tried all that hard to hide her stripes.

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I know I've pointed this out before, but Burnt Orange Report endorsed Robin Cravey, not Laura Morrison on the first round in 2008.


While the editorial board as a whole then offered up a Morrison endorsement in the runoff, it was not unanimous at the very least because I voted for Cid.

I know that makes things half true, but, there you have it.


Yes, I remember; I thought my wording here general enough to apply to the run-off as well as the general (and the link goes to BOR's run-off endorsement as well).

Feel free to consider yourself a kick-er rather than a kick-ee if necessary ;+)

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