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Dear Lee Leffingwell And Rob Spillar

In yesterday's Chron article, you appear to have the wrong idea of what those of us who demand reserved guideway are concerned about.

This (somebody 'messing up the track'):

is a minor concern. It happens rarely.


is a major concern. It will happen every single day, and will make the train slower and less reliable than the existing city buses on Congress.

Any questions?

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Punchier than mine. I should have done a better job highlighting this point.

I went to an urban rail scoping meeting last week and ask a City of Ausitn person what other cities have comparable systems to the proposed one in Austin. They replied Portland, Seattle, and Philly. Thoughts on those?

Not cool - the rail should be CLEAR. How is it even possible to consider blocking it an option - doesn't that totally defeat the whole point?

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