January 07, 2011

The First Annual PSU Coaching Challenge

(My transportation readers should skip - this is likely of no interest to you).

A little contest: Where will the people below be at the start of the 2011 football season (let's say the date in question is set to August 1, 2011). Multiple options for scoring here; if you just want to identify "here" or "elsewhere", base score is 1 point. Identify which school = 5 points.

Multipliers for more important folks/positions. If you want to just say that somebody's staying, it counts as a pick for PSU (i.e. this is easy money if you're a conservative homer).

Respond in comments for your entry. Entries closed at the end of tomorrow (midnight 1/9/2011).

Example: If you guess "Tom Bradley will be the coach at Purdue" (multiplier = 10) - if you get this right, you get 50 points. If he ended up at Indiana, you get 10 points (1 point for "not at PSU" times multiplier). If he's still at PSU, you get 0 points. "Retired" or "nowhere" counts as a school - so if you guess that Galen Hall will hang it up, and he does, that's a correct pick same as if Bradley goes to Purdue above.

People and multipliers after the jump. Coordinators worth 10 (half coordinators worth 5 each); lesser coaches at my discretion.

Tom Bradley10x
Galen Hall5xRemember "retired" or "nowhere" counts as a specific school pick
Jay Paterno5x
Larry Johnson2x
Ron Vanderlinden2x
Mike McQueary2x
Dick Anderson1x
Kermit Buggs1x
Bill Kenney1x
John Thomas1x
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