June 06, 2011

A Stark Choice Begins Today

I'm swamped at my real job and preparing for a family visit so I can't give this the attention it deserves, but if you want a clear difference between Randi Shade and Kathie Tovo, you could do a lot worse than this story about the Bradford-Nohra house in Hyde Park.

Helen Nohra is Hyde Park's oldest living resident. She has lived in the house at the corner of Avenue G and 43rd Street since 1943. Now in her late 90's and on a fixed income, her home has fallen into disrepair and is no longer suitable for her needs. After much difficult deliberation, Helen's daughter, Sylvia Dudney, who grew up in the home and now resides in the house next door, decided in early 2008 that the family's best option was to build a new home for her mother and brother.

The key here is that Kathie Tovo's ANC crowd wants to control housing supply - it has nothing to do with this (falling-down not particularly historic) house. It has to do with the fact that the Hyde Park neighborhood association suspects that this little old lady might build a garage apartment or (shudder!) a duplex.

So on the one hand, Tovo wants to zone old ladies' properties historic against their will, and on the other hand, she supports the ludicrous over-designation of historic property in West Austin which is costing us money that will likely risk things like Shipe Park pool closing next summer. All in the name of making sure that nothing ever changes; at least, that is, nothing the landed gentry have to look at (many of them, of course, have their own pools to use if/when Shipe goes away).

More on the differences between Shade and Tovo can be found here:

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